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Treasures of ELCT in Ilembula

Dear all member of Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania:

Do you know that ELCT has very special treasures – comparing to other Lutheran Churches?
Not only in Ilembula, but in all parishes.

Our friend Lufunyo from Germany detected these treasures in Ilembula during his visits – maybe you will know some of them! – and produced a video.

You can see here: Treasures in Ilembula


12.12.2021: Introduction of new district Pastor in Makambako

On 12th of December
Bishop Dr. George Fihavango and Assistent Bishop Dr. Gabriel Nduye introduced                                                                                 
           Reverend Yohana Mwambenengo   

as new District Pastor of Makambako District in the Lutheran Church of Makambako. 

Fire destroyed Njombe Building at Ilembula

7th of May 2020:
Fire accident in early evening – building destroyed totally

The building was used as dormitory of the ILVTC students. All the items were burnt.  the time being the students will be living to the Kiginga Evangelist house although it needs a renovation and electricity.

On 14th of May Meeting of ILVTC-Board and MAIL-committee discussed about consequences of fire and next activities. Photos you can see ⇒here.