4 – Schooling and working at Kiginga School

On 27.2.2019 the former District Pastor Dr. Gabriel Nguye from Makambako informed the Munich Partnership groups that teachers and students had moved to the new buildings at Kiginga. In these buildings they have one classroom, one store for materials, one for tools and two rooms for teacher.
Since November 2020 they are constructing new classrooms besides the main building.
Actual – January 2021 – Fitting School 40 students are learning at Kiginga: Schooling

They were also trained in agriculture by planting different fruits and they made special key-hole gardens for planting vegetables, teached by Mchg. Ursula Kronenberg and Wallace Lupenza.

Thanks to good training of the students Fitting School could get many orders for metal products like grids and even chairs for schools.
Photos you can see here.

Since 2017 many students trained at Fitting School: