ILVTC Fitting School Ilembula

P.O.Box 122, Ilembula
Principal: John Sanga 
Mobile: +255 784 551 957 

The Ilembula Lutheran Vocational Training Center “Fittingschool Ilembula” is today located in Kiginga, a district of Ilembula. It was finally relocated there in 2019 when the previous location in Ilembula, in the immediate vicinity of the market and hospital, proved to be no longer suitable.

ILVTC offers apprenticeships in automotive technology, metalworking and woodworking for young Tanzanians who have completed school …. in 1 and 3 year apprenticeships. There are currently 48 trainees in the 3-year training course, spread over 3 grades, and a further 35 trainees in a 1-year training course. In addition, the ILVTC provides training in the field of driving safety.

Applications for training at the ILVTC should be sent to …. In any case, please also contact the head of ILVTC John Sanga directly. Contact information can be found here:
Mobile:+255 784 551 957

The ILVTC was founded by the two district churches in Makambako and Ilembula of the ELCT SD Njombe with the support of the partner congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Munich East and Southeast (Munich Est/Southeast) back in 2004. You can find more about the history and development of the school on the following pages. …

The partners of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Munich East and Southeast – “Partnerschaft Tansania-Muenchen – continue to support the Fitting School and the education of the young Tanzanians today.