Vocational training center

  • Kidugala Lutheran Seminar (KLS) P.O.Box 999, Njombe Principal of Seminar is Rev. Elikana Lova, Mobile: +255 786 310 901, E-Mail: elikanalova@yahoo.co.uk Theological Faculty:
  • Nursing School Ilembula P.O.Box 01, Ilembula Principal is Lwidiko Mgalilwa, Mobile: +255 026 273 0320, E-Mail: lwidikomgalilwa2006@yahoo.com
  • Fitting School Ilembula P.O.Box 22, Ilembula
  • Mafinga Lutheran Vocational Training Center P.O.Box 15, Mafinga Director is Onesmo Maseleka, Mobile: +255 784 255 780, E-Mail: mafingalutheranvtc@yahoo.com  Bild1                                      for more photos please look at the gallery! Mafinga is supported by the German District Ruegheim. Attached we have a Flyer about seminar program for renewable energy: Kipeperushi Final